Meet Elly

I’ve been a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for over forty years.  Being a Highly Sensitive person myself, I have a passion for  supporting other Highly Sensitive people (HSP) through my therapy practice and groups.  I’ve presented numerous workshops for HSPs, as well as trainings for psychotherapists in how to most effectively work with HSPs.

I work heartfully, intuitively, and share compassion, a warm down-to-earth style, and humor with my clients. Being an HSP has helped me to tune into my clients and sense exactly what they need, and know the best ways to assist them.  Having lived seventy plus years of life, I have been through many challenges, and done a lot of healing work on myself, which has enabled me to bring to my clients vast  expertise, depth and understanding.

In private sessions with clients, I use a variety of proven, effective “tools”, both traditional and alternative,  because I’ve found that “talking alone” is often not enough to heal many issues.  These tools include: Talk Therapy; Body Centered Psychotherapy; Hypnotherapy; EMDR; Energy Healing and Brainspotting.  My clients experience profound clarity, positivity and lightness after most sessions.

I have been a meditator for over fifty years  and found great sustenance through spiritual connection.   In addition to psychotherapy,  I am able to offer  clients  support through meditative approaches and helping them tap into their own natural sense of inner peace and  fulfillment.

In my free time, I love hiking, gardening, hanging out in nature, swimming and quiet meditative time.


I look forward to hearing from you.   To schedule a phone or online appointment, please email,

or call me at   303-506-3507