Online Therapy for HSPs

Why HSP’s often prefer Online Therapy


  • You don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Online therapy is more confidential and private than being in a waiting room or office setting
  • Online therapy can be more effective for HSP’s because HSP’s often feel more relaxed in their own space.
  • This sense of relaxation can help you tap more deeply into your strengths and intuition, as well as get in touch with the issues you want to heal.
  • The intimacy of the therapeutic relationship can actually be enhanced by the ‘face to face’ online connection
  • There is more flexibility of scheduling when you don’t have to travel
  • HSP’s often are also dealing with physical issues. In some cases, an inability or reluctance to leave the house can be overcome through online therapy, which provides emotional/psychological support right from home.

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