What People Are Saying…


Therapy with Elly was different from any therapy I’ve done before!  Since Elly is specifically trained in working with HSPs, she was able to tune in and know just how to help me heal my deeper issues that have been stuck for years.  ~ Sandy L.

Elly is so patient and insightful. It was amazing to  have a place to feel so comfortable and learn about how to overcome the difficulties of being an HSP. ~ Charlene W.

After working with Elly, issues that have plagued me for years have now been resolved.  I feel so much more relaxed in my life and have been able to accomplish goals that I’ve placed on hold for so long. — Ariel S

Elly has incredible empathy.  She created a warmth and ease that helped me explore deeply and find my strengths as an HSP.   I love her insights, especially those pertaining to meditation and healing.  ~ Judith R

Elly creates a safe, welcoming environment that makes sensitive people feel right at home. I feel deeply accepted, appreciated, and understood in therapy with her. –Jessica

Being an HSP herself, Elly knows what it’s like to be in my shoes and has shown me really helpful ways to navigate it —  Harry B

After therapy with Elly, I no longer have to apologize for, or downplay my sensitivities. And I can feel good about asking  for what I need as an HSP  — Julian H